Lorette was created for women who want to celebrate their female sensuality while declaring that it’s ok to be vulnerable. This is our strength. That space where love and fear exist simultaneously. This makes us both strong and soft.
Lorette empowers women with a choice. No more conforming to the hypersexualized standards of the fashion industry. The Lorette girl instead revels in her feminine individuality and self-confidence.
Founded in 2017 by Parisian designer Laure Stromboni, Lorette acquaints iconic French fashion with a Canadian audience.  The creative and intrinsic aesthetics of the lingerie Laure designs is heavily premised on the ensuring women are able to connect with themselves first.
"J'accepte la grande aventure d'être moi" 
Simone de Beauvoir



Lorette uses luxurious overstock material from previous couture house, Lida Baday. The couture house uses some of the finest fabrics and notions produced by Europe’s top mills.

In order to avoid producing more fabric and minimizing our carbon footprint due to transportation of materials, Lorette is engaged in ethical and conscious design and production.

Our signature Italian mesh is soft, yet extremely durable.

  • Mesh: 80% polyamide 20% elastane 
  • 100% certified organic cotton for the gusset


Our embroideries are designed in house as well as through collaboration with multiple female illustrators and graphic designers. Each embroidery is carefully chosen to represent symbols, concepts and archetypes that can awaken comprehension and intuitive perception of ourselves. By showcasing universal embroidered designs, women are able to create their own interpretations of how their lingerie matches their emotions, needs, and identity as they choose to define it.

The embroideries are developed in Toronto by a talented duo of mother and daughter originally from India. Their savoir-faire and expertise on manipulating embroideries for traditional Indian weddings matches with the delicacy of our fabric. Directly embroidered onto materials with luxurious polyester thread guarantees for better longevity of our product.


lorette lingerie mystical bodysuit




Lorette works exclusively with women. We partner with various talented seamstresses in the city of Toronto. By making the conscious choice to not outsource our production, we offer a fair living wage to everyone involved with its creation. Every sample is carefully tested in advance and all produced pieces have guaranteed quality control before they go out the door to our customers. We work closely with every woman involved because we believe strongly that every positive intention put into the creation of a piece can be felt once worn. 

 Our collections are produced in limited numbers to avoid waste and overstock. Our pieces are unique, like our customers.

 Our goal is to accommodate all sizes. As our company grows, and introduces new sizes, we want to make sure that we keep quality consistent. Lorette progresses carefully in order to control every step of development and assure the best fitting for all.